CSIR-NISCAIR, with well-qualified and highly experienced editorial staff on its roll, provides editorial services for Conference Proceedings, Scholarly Books, Popular Science Books, etc. for other organizations on man-hour basis. Editing jobs cover content editing as well as copy editing and stylization.

The charges for editing services are decided on case to case basis.

Print & Production

CSIR-NISCAIR is not only self-sufficient in composing/printing of its own publications including research journals, but also takes up similar specialized jobs of other CSIR laboratories/institutions, government agencies/departments and other organizations using the state-of-the-art technology. Its clientele includes INSA, DRDO, DNES, DST, DSIR, DBT, DOD, NBPGR, ICAR, IAMR, COSTED, NAMS&T Centre, IIT-Delhi, Ranbaxy Laboratories, CAG, India Meteorological Dept, Dept of Indian System of Medicines, etc besides various CSIR labs.

CSIR-NISCAIR takes up editing, composing, designing and printing jobs from its clients preferably in digitized form. Data entry is also carried out wherever necessary. The jobs are analysed and an estimate is given along with the time schedule. Timeliness and quality service are given prime importance.

Graphic Designing

CSIR-NISCAIR has a full-fledged Art & Graphic Section with well-qualified and highly experienced staff and modern computer-based facilities like Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. It takes care of all the designing, layouts, visuals, illustration drawings (Creative, Conceptual and Analogical), and cover designing of various in-house journals, popular science magazines and books. It also provides these services to outside clients keeping in view the aesthetics as well as technical aspects. The section provides consultancy services on designing of Annual Reports, Posters, Logos, Pamphlets, Brochures, Folders, etc. in colour as well as black and white

Desk Top Publishing

Desk Top Publishing being the backbone of any publishing house, CSIR-NISCAIR has a strong DTP unit with latest computers, scanners, printers and specialized manpower. It undertakes not only the publications of NISCAIR, but outside jobs too on payment basis. ‘Quality’ is the motto of this unit.


CSIR-NISCAIR has all essential facilities needed by a major S&T publishing house. With a series of computers, scanners, desk top facilities, negative – positive making with process cameras, plate making, single colour and two colour offset printing machines, NISCAIR carries out the printing of all its scholarly journals, scholarly books and popular science books. It also undertakes outside printing jobs on job-to-job basis and enjoys good reputation with regards to quality and timeliness.

CSIR-NISCAIR has a full-fledged Marketing Division. All its publications viz.scholarly journals, scholarly books, popular science magazines, popular science books are marketed by NISCAIR itself. Information about some books is given below.

Contact Person: Mrs. Neelu Srivastav

ISSN – International Standard Serial Number

ISSN is a worldwide identification code used by publishers, suppliers, libraries, information services, bar coding systems, union catalogues, etc. for citation and retrieval of serials such as journals, newspapers, newsletters, directories, yearbooks, annual reports & monograph series, etc.. The benefits include international publicity and recognition of the serial by automatic inclusion in the International Serials Directories.

ISSN International Centre is a network with its Headquarters at Paris and National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) is the national centre of ISSN international centre for assigning ISSN to serials published in India.

Who can obtain ISSN?

a. Any new serial print or e whose first issue is yet to be brought out.

b. An existing serial publication which does not have ISSN.

c. Changed serial title(s) whose old titles had already an ISSN.

How to obtain ISSN?

One can obtain ISSN by applying online. Click here for online ISSN request.

Contact Person: Dr. G. Mahesh



Bibliometric Services

Bibliometric services are carried out for studying growth, development and spread of any area of research, and also for identifying centres of excellence, influential authors etc. The services are useful for heads of departments / institutions, research planners, policy makers and individual scientist.

ISSN International Centre is a network with its Headquarters at Paris and National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) is the national centre of ISSN international centre for assigning ISSN to serials published in India.

1. Citation Analysis: Checks how many times and where a given paper has been cited in world literature.

2. Impact Factor of Journals: Impact factor of a journal implies the frequency with which the average article of the journal has been cited in a particular year.

3. Institution/Project Analysis: This covers analysis of research papers published by institutions, calculating author's productivity, journal preferences, impact factor analysis, subject growth trend analysis etc.

Service Charges:

Name of the Service Charges
Citation Analysis

Rs. 1000/- for a period of 2 years per set of 10 papers or less.

Rs 60/- per additional 10 papers or part thereof for every additional year.

Impact factor of non-SCI journals

Rs.3000/- per journal per year publishing around 100 articles in a year or less.

Rs.500/- per additional 20 articles or part thereof.

Average of the three years journal publications included for IF calculation will be taken as the total articles published in a journal for calculating the estimate of IF-Calculation service of Non-SCI journal.

Institution/Project Analysis

For institution: Rs. 25,000/- + Rs. 500/- per hour of manpower used.

Contact Person: Mr. Yatish Panwar


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Literature Search Service

CSIR-NISCAIR offers literature search service and compile bibliographies on demand from indigenous as well as from international databases in the areas of S&T, engineering, industry etc.

Service Charges:

From Offline Databases

Without abstracts:- Rs. 100/- for upto 10 references and Rs. 5/- per additional reference. With abstracts:- Rs. 100/- for upto 10 references and Rs. 10/- per additional reference.

From International Online Databases

Searching is charged at actuals + 20% extra. User interaction fee : Rs. 100/- per hour.

Internet Based Searches

Rs. 60/- per 15 minutes or part thereof. Print-outs- Rs. 5/- per page

Contact Person: Ms Swarnlata Upadhyay


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Document Copy Supply Service(DCSS)

CSIR-NISCAIR provides a yoeman's service to the Indian scientific community by supplying copies of articles from Indian and foreign journals at nominal charges Copies of Indian and foreign patents and standards can also be obtained from NISCAIR.

From journals available in CSIR-NISCAIR sources Rs. 60/- for first 10 pages or part thereof of a single reference + Rs. 10/- per additional 5 pages or part thereof
From other sources within India Rs. 70/- for first 10 pages or part thereof of a single reference + Rs. 10/- per additional 5 pages or part thereof
From Foreign sources Rs. 700/- per reference
Indian Patents Rs. 100/- for every 50 pages or part thereof
US Patents from 1990 onwards Rs. 250/- for upto 50 pages +Rs. 150/- for additional 50 pages or part thereof
Foreign Patents from Indian sources Rs. 400/- for upto 50 pages +Rs. 100/- for additional 50 pages or part thereof
Foreign Patents obtained from abroad Rs. 1000/*- per patent
On the spot Xerox copy from printed journals available in National Science Library, CSIR-NISCAIR Rs. 2/- for Students on producing valid identity proof and Rs. 5/- for others
Print-outs from journals availables on CDs in National Science Library, CSIR-NISCAIR Rs. 5/- per page

*Subject to change on account of foreign exchange rate revision or other international charges

Contact Person: Ms Monika Sharma


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Reading Room Services

The library is open to public for reading and consultation during working hours from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM (Monday to Friday).

Copying Service

The library provides on the spot Xerox copies of articles from its own collection, at a nominal rate of Rs. 1.00 per page. It also provides printout from journals on CDs available in-house. The charges for this service are Rs. 5.00 per page.

Inter Library Loan Service

The library issues out its publications to the users of other libraries in Delhi through inter library loan service. Similarly, NSL gets the publications on inter library loan from other libraries in Delhi for its members

e - Journals Access

NSL provides its scientists / members/ users the facility to access / browse and download any paper for their use from 4256 international e-journals published by 16 publishers / societies (as per details in the table). In addition, users have access to over 2500 open access journals.


Technical Query Service

NSL responds to any query related to journals and books