Proceedings of First Indo-US Workshop on Green Chemistry

Proceedings of First Indo-US Workshop on Green Chemistry’ supported by International Chapter on Green Chemistry of American Chemical Society, which highlights the state-of-the-art and future prospects of green chemistry research, may contribute towards serving the objective of sustainable development by eliminating the production and use of hazardous chemicals and providing new and efficient ways for environmentally benign management of chemicals. It will also encourage the chemists for facilitating further promotion of ‘Green Chemistry’ which will benefit all mankind

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Books on Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Science

The Treatise on Indian Medicinal Plants

It is a 5-volume publication containing information on the medicinal plants of India, with a thrust on their therapeutic uses. The write-up on each plant includes its vernacular name, occurrence and distribution, botanical description, important chemical constituents of the plant extract, besides its use in medicine. A distinctive feature of the book is inclusion of authentic Sanskrit Sloka, in Devanagari and Roman scripts. A Sloka documents the therapeutic uses of the related plant. These volumes are profusely illustrated in colours/black & white pictures of the related plant for its proper identification.

Editor: Prof. Asima Chatterjee & Dr S.C. Pakrashi

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Vol ISBN Price
Vol I 81-7236-011-8

Rs 450.00

US $90.00

Vol II 81-7236-042-8

Rs 300.00

US $80.00

Vol III 81-7236-081-9

Rs 350.00


Vol IV 81-7236-115-7

Rs 400.00


Vol V 81-7236-178-5

Rs 500.00


Vol VI 81-7236-215-3

Rs 700.00


Compendium of Indian Medicinal Plants

This 6-volume publication provides information on Indian medicinal plants with a thrust on chemical aspects. It contains information on isolation of compounds from plants and describes their biological activities, which make the series a highly useful collection. The first volume describes about 1200 plants covering the period 1960-1969; vol. 2 covers the period 1970-79 and describes 1084 plants; vol. 3 covers the period 1980-89 and vol. 4 covers the period 1990 onwards.

Authors: R.P. Rastogi & B.N. Mehrotra

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Volume ISBN Price
Vol. I 81-85042-05-b

Rs 300/=

US $90.00

Vol. II 81-85042-08-x

Rs 550/=

US $100.00

Vol. III 81-85042-11-x

Rs 600/=

US $100.00

Vol. IV 81-85042-13-6

Rs 750/=

US $120.00

Vol. V 81-85042-14-4

Rs 1000/=

US $200.00

Vol VI 81-85042-15-9

Rs 315/=

US $80.00

Set (Vol I-Vol II)

Rs 3500/=

US $650.00

The Useful Plants of India

It provides information on economic plants of India and may be regarded birds eye view of ‘Wealth of India’ containing information on about 5000 plants species. The plants are mentioned in alphabetical orders of their botanical names along with their families. Names in Indian languages, common English names and regional and trade names make it a wonderful collection.

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ISBN Price
Rs. US $
81-85038-02-3 500/- 100.00

Status Report on Aromatic and Essential Oil-bearing Plants in NAM Countries

Author/Editor ISBN Price
Rs. US $
Akhtar Husain 81-900468-0-9 400/- 80.00

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Status Report on Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in NAM Countries

Author/Editor ISBN Price
Rs. US $
Akhtar Husain 81-7236-127-0 300/- 80.00

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Plants for Reclamation of Wastelands

This book describes various types of wastelands, their characteristics, causes importance of green cover, role of nitrogen-fixing plants, energy crops and the related issues. Out of the 1003 species dealt with, the major ones are described in alphabetical order with emphasis on reclamation. Classified lists of plants are provided according to their suitability for different types of wastelands and also according to their economic value.

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Author/Editor ISBN Price
Rs. US $
TCS Sastry & K Y Kavathekar 81-85038-89-9 500/- 100.00

Miscellaneous Publications

Title Author/Editor ISBN Price
Rs. US $
A Dictionary of Flowering Plants in India H. Santapau & A. N. Hanry 81-7236-190-4 250/- 80.00
Handbook on Herbaria in India and Neighbouring Countries M V Viswanathan,H B Singh,P R Bhagwat 81-7236-212-9 350/- 100.00
History of Calendar M. N. Saha & N. C. Lahiri 150/ 80.00
Ocean Technology Perspectives Sushil Kumar,Vikram V. Agadi,V. Keshvadas, B. N. Desai 81-7236-095-9 1000/- 150.00
Non-Antibiotics: A new class of Unrecognised Antimicrobics A. N. Chakrabarty,Joseph Molnar, Sujata G. Dastidar & Noboru Motohashi 81-7236-183-1 1000/- 100.00
Plant Food Flavours Santosh Mehtani & P. K. Ingle 81-7236-204-8 400/- 80.00
Supplement to Cultivation & Utilization of Medicinal Plants S. S. Handa & M. K. Kaul 900/- 150.00
Supplement to Cultivation & Utilization of Aromatic Plants S. S. Handa & M. K. Kaul 600/- 120.00

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