Science Ki Duniya (Quarterly)

ISSN: 0973-0370 (Language - Urdu)


Started in 1975, Science-ki-Duniya is the only Indian popular science journal in Urdu. Over the last 35 years, this quarterly journal has published articles by various eminent scientists such as Prof. Abdus Salam (Nobel Laureate), Prof. D.S. Kothari, Prof. A.R. Kidwai, Prof. A.M. Khusro, Dr. Kishan Lal, Prof. M. Shafi and Prof. A. Rahman.

Over the years, Science-ki-Duniya has covered several topical science stories including those on the High-Tech city of Hyderabad, the Pokhran-II nuclear explosion, total solar eclipse, launching of the INSAT satellite, etc. Some well-acclaimed special issues on such topics as Antarctica, Nehru and Science, C.V. Raman, Ramanujan, Environment and Children Special have also been published.

Today, Science-ki-Duniya provides a package of varied columns such as Science Quiz, Science Models, Crime and Science, Cartoons, Science News, and Science for Children apart from other topical and absorbing articles in each issue.

Roll of Honour award to Dr. Ravindra Kumar

News published in Janjwar (Hindi) Jansatta Newspaper, New Delhi on 15-07-2012 about Science Ki Duniya

News published in the Science Times News & Views October 2011 about Science Ki Duniya

سائنسی خبر؛ ڈاکٹر رویندر کمار مُدیر سائنس کی دُنیا نے ایک کتاب لکھی ھے جس کا نام ہے ماحولیاتی الودگی کا مسئلہ، ھے اس کتاب پر محمد عبدالسمیع صاحب ایڈیٹر ندائے پربھنی نے تبصرہ کیا ھے۔جو قارئین 24 فروری2011۔کےشمارہمیںملحظہفرماسکتےnہی (News published in the Urdu Times Daily, Mumbai Dt. 24-02-2011 about Book entitled Problems of Environmental Pollution (in Urdu- Mahauliyati aludgi ka Maslah) by Dr. Ravindra Kumar of NISCAIR-CSIR)


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Guidelines For Authors

  • Very specialized and technical topics should be avoided. Articles should be written in a popular style, easily understandable by the average high school student.
  • The Editor reserves the right to include a submitted write-up as an article, under a column, as a box item or as a short write-up.
  • Articles not found suitable will be sent back. An acceptance letter will be sent for accepted articles. However, acceptance does not guarantee immediate publication.
  • Only original articles sent exclusively for publication in Science ki Duniya will be accepted. Articles previously published elsewhere, or simultaneously sent for publication elsewhere, are not acceptable. Article submitted should carry a declaration that the article is original and has not been previously published elsewhere. Science ki Duniya will not be responsible for any copyright violations. Articles without such a declaration will not be considered.
  • Any sort of plagiarism is not acceptable. Even after acceptance, if an article is found to have been plagiarized, it will be sent back. The authors may even be blacklisted.
  • The length of articles may be about 3000 words.
  • The matter should be typewritten, double-space on one side of the paper. Articles may also be submitted via e-mail.
  • The articles should preferably be illustrated, with captions and legends typed separately and attached at the end of the article.
  • A short note about the contributor should accompany the article. The note should contain name, age, postal and e-mail address, academic accomplishments, and important assignments held.
  • Contributions should be sent to the Editor, Science Reporter, National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources (NISCAIR), Dr K.S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi-110 012 or by e-mail at
  • The Editor reserves the right to reject even invited articles without assigning any reason.